This is a pretty big subject! Google’s revenue which is mostly made up from Adwords & Youtube advertising was $74.5 billion in 2015. Most companies are using Adwords to a greater or lesser extent. The fact is that if you want a customer to find your business these days you have to be using Adwords.

So I thought it would be useful to give an over view of how to set up an account where you can improve your account. Bear in mind that having a top performing Adwords account will give your business a competitive advantage because you can recruit customers cheaper than your competition and the beauty is its completely scalable. Once your Adwords is working well enough to produce a profit you can increase your spend and capture a bigger part of the market.

So starting from the top.

Account structure:

Accounts are broken down into campaigns and Adgroups. Campaigns usually have a few Adgroups within them. A campaign should be the top level of the account Lets say in this example you are an electrician and you cover 2 areas Cheltenham & Gloucester.


So you will build 2 campaigns one for Cheltenham and one for Gloucester.


Within each campaign you will have an adgroup which focuses on your specific services these being electrical testing, fuse box replacement, rewiring etc (each of these services is an individual adgroup)


Then you have to get your keywords the best place to find keywords in within the Google Adwords account there is a tool called Keyword planner click here for the link. If not you can find it on the top tool bar under Tools > Keyword Planner > Then enter they type of phrase you are looking to target and it will give you suggestions.

When picking keywords you want to think about anything that some one might Google search if they wanted your fuse box replacement service.

For your fuse box adgroup you are going to pick keywords / key phrases like:

  • Fuse box replacement
  • Electric fuse box replacement
  • Fuse box upgrade
  • Electrician fuse box
How to set up your Google Adwords account 4

Types of keyword

The are three different types of keyword: phrase match, broad match modifier and exact match.

Phrase match:

This is the most broad keyword, so it will pick up the most amount of traffic (and cost the most). For example if you just put fuse box as a keyword you will appear every time some one searches fuse box. Now the person could search “fuse box replacement” and your ad will appear but they could also search “how to replace a fuse box your self” and your advert will also appear because Google has matched the term “fuse box” in both phrases.

Its important to remember that the two search mean different things. The first one “fuse box replacement” is probably some one looking for an electrician who replaces fuse boxes. The second one is “how to replace a fuse box your self” is some one who is mad enough to try doing it them selves.

You don’t want to advertise on the second phrase because they don’t want to buy your services so you don’t want them clicking on your advert, costing you money and not buying anything.

Broad match modifier:

This is a more targeted keyword you have to type the words in with a + sign in front of them like +fuse box replacement. What this does is say if this keyword is part of any phrase Google will show the advert. So if some one searches “Cheltenham Fuse box Replacement” it will match the fuse box replacement part of the search and trigger your advert.

This is good for broad phrases in location based (more information further down the page). So you would have the broad match phrase +electrician then any one searching a combination of works and electrician would see you advert for example if they search emergency electrician or local electrician or free quote electrician.

Exact match:

Exact match keywords have square brackets around them [ ] this means that the search phrase the user types into Google has to exactly match the phrase you have put in square brackets. So if they type in “cheap electrician in Cheltenham” you a have to have an exact match keyword that’s is [cheap electrician in Cheltenham] in order for your advert to appear.

It important to note that Exact match keywords are the cheapest they get the best quality score so if you can use as many of these as possible.

The best way to get these is to let the accounts run for 2 months using the broad match and phrase match keywords then go to the Keywords tab > Details > All. This will give you a list of all the keywords that have resulted in a click to your site. Pick all the ones you want and add them as [exact match keywords]. While your there get all the ones you don’t want and add them as Negative match keywords (more info on this in the negative match keywords section).

Negative match keywords:

Negative match keywords are words that you don’t want to trigger your keywords, these should nearly always be phrase match keywords. So for an electrician business you would pick negative matches keywords like

  • Jobs
  • Apprentice
  • Training

This is because is some one searches “electrician jobs” they don’t want to hire you so you don’t want your advert showing.

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How to set up your Google Adwords account 2
How to set up your Google Adwords account 1

Quality Score

The quality score of your keywords determines how relevant Google thinks your advert is for the keywords you have targeted. The higher the quality score the more relevant the account the lower the cost per click – which means a good quality score mean you have to spend less money!

The things that affect quality score are:

  • The click through rate of the advert
  • The relevance of the keyword and adgroup
  • The landing page quality
  • The historical account performance

The best thing to get your quality score up is to make sure the keyword you are targeting appear sin the campaign name, the adgroup, the url of the page you are sending people to, the page text of the URL and the ad text in the advert. The Google will see that your advert is super relevant so they should increase your quality score.

How to set up your Google Adwords account 6

Ad text

These are the adverts that will actually appear when your keywords are triggered. Its important to create at least three different adverts for each adgroup because Google will rotate these ads over time and whichever one performs the best (get s the most clicks). Test out different combinations and see what works best.

A few rules for adverts are:

  • Make them appeal to your customer
  • Include an offer if you can
  • Look at what your competitors are doing (and copy them)
  • If you’re a local company include a place name i.e. Cheltenham Electrician
  • Use a call to action like Call Today or Free Quotes

Final URL 

The bottom of the advert creation window in the destination URL this is where the user will click through to when they click on your ad you can read more about building a great landing page here.  Make sure that the page the user is taken to is relevant to the advert so if the adverts for Home rewiring send them to the page on your website thats about home rewiring otherwise you’ll pay for their click and they will just leave the site. costing you money and making no sales!

How to set up your Google Adwords account 5

Ad Extensions

These are additional bits of information you can add to the bottom of your advert. I highly recommend you add these as they increase the area you ad takes up on the page so people are more likely to click on it and it means you can show more information and offers again increasing the chance of you getting the click. Ad extensions sit at the bottom of your advert and there useful for showing the different elements of your offering.

How to set up your Google Adwords account 7

Location Settings

This is how you target your ads to people in different places. Remember location settings work based on IP address so there not always 100% accurate.  For example if your internet is routed through the largest town in the area (where the infrastructure is) you will show up as being in that town.  Theres nothing you can do about this but its worth knowing!

There are 3 different types of location setting.

Location settings

People in, searching for  or who show an interest in my target location. This is the most broad of all location settings. It will mean any one who might be a customer will see the add.  I think this is only generally useful on a national campaign so if you are selling ladders you would want some one searching in England to see your ad you would also want some one searching the phrase “buy ladders england” to see your advert.

The second option is People in my targeted location. this is useful for local trades and businesses. If you just want to advertise to people who are in your local area tick this option (and remember to select your location above this setting box).

The third option is People searching for or who show interest in my targeted location. This means people who search for your service and your location like “electrician Birmingham”.

How to set up your Google Adwords account 8

Time of day bidding

This is where you can select what time of day and what day of the week your advertising is running. Its important to remember that if your office is closed overnight and on the weekend then you probably don’t want your ads running 24/7 365 because if people try and call in for information or place an order there will be no one there to answer them so consider when it best not to run your advertising.

How to set up Google Adwords account 10

Device Settings

This allows you to change the amount that you bid based on the device type some one is searching on. This can be useful in a number of ways for example if you look at the statistics (using Google Analytics) for your website and you see that no one who visits the site on a mobile phone ever converts into a customer then you may want to reduce the amount you bid for mobile phone adverts by 75%. Or if you only want to target business customers you could guess that they are likely to be using desktop computers to find your product or service so you could say i only want to target desktop computers and no tablets or mobile phones. Its worth testing this out and seeing if it can improve your conversion rate and make you customer acquisition cheaper.

How to set up your Google Adwords account 9


The language settings in Google Adwords are not to do with what language people are searching in (as this will be dictated by your keywords) but within the language settings you can specify the language of the website where google will display your Display advertising. For more information on display advertising take look at this blog post.


Budget is fairly simple it is simply the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on the account per day. Bear in mind you are billed every month so get your monthly advertising budget and divide it by 30.

Bid strategy

This is an important part of the setup because I decides how your spend your money or how you tell Google to spend your money. There are 7 different options for your bid strategy. If you are experienced I would select Manual CPC as this gives you the most input on your spend if not then you can select any of the 6 options below:

Targeted search page location – this manipulates your bid amount so that  your ad appears at the top of the search results, this will be an expensive option because your paying to be at the top.

Target CPA  – this requires linking with your analytics account and setting up conversion goals.  But the system will optimise your bids to get the most contact requests, phone calls or orders.

Target ROAS – this setting tries to get you the most conversions while maintaining your specified return on ad spend.

Target outranking share – this allows you to specifically target a competitors adverts and bid above them.

Maximise clicks – This maximises clicks within your ad budget.

Enhanced CPC – adjusts your manual bids up and down to help maximise clicks.

Delivery method

I always think delivering the ads evenly for 90 days then using the one that gets the most clicks is the best option. As you’ve had time to test what works and if you select this option you don’t need to do anything more!

Thanks for reading How to set up your Google Adwords account – hope you found it useful.