Marketing Ideas For Electricians

This article came out of a pitch that i wrote for an electrician client – he wanted a full list of marketing ideas for electricians and afterwards I thought that will make a good blog post so here it its. The 33 best Marketing Ideas for Electricians, some are more expensive than others some are more likely to get results that others but this article is designed to offer a bucket load of options for you to pick from. Always remember that the best way to get customers is to keep them – if you offer a good service at a good price people will come back year after year and its much cheaper to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. If you want some help or you’ve got a suggestion for my list get in touch here. Cheers!


1.  Website

This is a given these days, you need a website because when most people look for an electrician they will Google it and if you don’t have a website you’ll find it tough to even compete. Which brings me on to my next point

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

Look at the image below, its the result I get when I Google “electrician” the top 3/4 results are paid for adverts by electricians in my area, this is called Google Adwords its one of the best ways to recruit new customers but if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be a great way to throw away a lot of money – so beware. I have written a free guide on how to set up your google adwords account – you can find it here.

Marketing Ideas For Electricians PPC

3. Search Engine Optimisation

This is all about making your website the most relevant and best performing website possible. Then when some one types in to Google “local electrician” your website should come up (just below the adverts mentioned above). SEO is difficult to do and it takes a long time (expected to spend a year doing it before you see real results) but its well worth it because if you can get to the first position below the adverts your going to get loads of customers and you don’t have to pay a penny! Check out this beginners guide by SEO moz out of interest the SEO focus keyword of this page is marketing ideas for electricians.

4. Google Places

List your business with Google Places its FREE!!! and it means that Google has verified your a business and it will put you on Google maps and when some one search your business name you will dominate the results. Check out our business results page.

marketing ideas for electricians 1

5. Local Business Listings

Get your business listed with all of these local business listing sites. People can search for your services on these sites and it helps your SEO by linking back to your site improving domain authority:

  1. Yelp
  2. Yell
  3. Scoot
  5. Business magnet
  6. Lacartes
  7. The I Group

6. Youtube

What a lot of people don’t remember is Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. so if you have time to make and upload videos it will be good exposure for your business and it makes you look professional. My advice is to make instructional videos like “how to change a plug” or for my business “electrician advertising ideas” because these will help people looking for information and it will help your website.

Watch Our Video On Digital Marketing

7. Social Media

Get TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin and anything else you can think of and link it to your website as this will help your SEO (approximately 20% of search engine position is down to social signals like Facebook likes). Also get your customers to like and review your services because new people looking at your business will see this and it gives you a strong reputation.

8. Customer Recommendation Scheme

Start an offer for all your existing customers that if they recommend you to a friend they get a kick back maybe 10% their next purchase or you’ll give them a free hat or offer a crisp £5 note – this will get people selling your business for you. Remember a personal recommendation is one of the best sales techniques you can get and once you have a customer they are likely to come back.

9. Leavers (Give aways)

I use the same electrician to do my landlord safety check every year, do you know why? Its because he left a little sticker on my fuse board that looks like his van, its got his number and website address and it says “electrical safety check £75”. He always turns up and does the check and charges me £75 and as long as he does his job i’m going to go back year on year because why change it? Its a great idea if you do any work leave a sticker on the fuse board. Its a bit like point of sale advertising because if anyone is looking at their fuse boards they probably need an electrician and your details should be right there.

marketing ideas for electricians 2

10. Loss Leader Advertising

Not enough electricians do this. The idea is you do one common thing really cheap lets say PAT testing an office for just £100 people buy it because its so cheap and then you wow them with your professionalism and customer services that they come back next time for a complete rewire or they us you year after year for PAT testing and maintenance and you can put your prices up so doing the cheap job was worth it in the end.

11. Association Memberships

This one is pretty important! The more schemes you are a part of NIC EICPart P registered, ELECSA or Electrical Contractors’ Association the more trust worthy you look to potential customers and the more links and badges you can have on your website which is great for your SEO and it makes you look super qualified so its worth the subscription costs.

12. Vehicle Advertising

This is an industry standard – every one does it, so because of that you’ll look bad if you don’t do it. But remember when picking you signage include an offer to get people to call “we’ll beat any quote” or “first job 20% off” how can i not call you after an offer like that?

marketing ideas for electricians 3