Website Speed

If you want a good SEO score its important to have good website download speed. In fact if your site takes too long to load Google will punish you from an SEO perspective (for more info on this take a look at this link). So the slower your website the worse your SEO score and the fewer customers you will get.

This is why i was happy to see the graph below. Usually its nice to see business graphs climbing higher each month. But this graph is the page load time of my site. As you can see as soon as i moved to SiteGroud  in the middle of May my page load time is down to substantially less that 2 seconds and my home page has a lot of data. Because of this Google will give me a better rankings and my customers won’t have to wait to see my site- so every ones happy!


This is the day that I changed over to

The second great thing about them is the technical support staff. They are available via live chat 24/7 and they have fixed every problem i have had so far – setting up xml site maps, optimising my focus keywords, and offering good advice on how to improve all aspects of my website.

Heres a link to my site ground referral page if you want really fast site speeds and great 24/7 customer service i would highly recommend them.

Any questions get it touch!