The Soap Co. Click Stream Giving Back

We’re very proud to say that here at Click Stream Media we are giving back to our community. We have been working with The Soap Co. on a pro-bono basis to support them with their digital marketing capabilities. More specifically, we have helped with the setup of an email marketing system so they can easily build campaigns designed to increase sales of their ethical luxury soap products.

The Soap Co. is a social enterprise creating products that are good and do good. The Soap Co. is part of CLARITY, the oldest surviving social enterprise in the UK which was founded in 1854 to employ, train and support people with disabilities. Today it is a pan-disability organisation supporting more than 120 people annually building skills, confidence and independence. By reinvesting 100% of profits they aim to generate 60 new job opportunities every year.

The Soap Co. is a member of Social Enterprise UK, an organisation designed to promote business that tackles social problems, much like The Big Issue.

Based in East London with a workshop in the Lake District, The Soap Co. manufactures soap products with sophisticated fragrances and minimalist design. They constantly strive to reduce their environmental impact by sourcing packaging that is made from recycled materials which in turn can be composted or recycled. Now that is a good business!

How we helped The Soap Co.

We helped by setting up a new Mailchimp template so that The Soap Co. can send new product emails, offers and information to their customers. We look forward to working with them more closely in the future to support them in generating more sales enabling them to do more good for the community.


We’re always open to doing pro-bono work for worthy causes, if you’re a charity and you need some help or advice get in touch here we’d be happy to help.