Local SEO Cheltenham

In this blog post I’m going to cover what you have to do to make your website dominant on a local SEO basis. The reason this is important to your business is if you offer a local service (electrician, plumber, cleaner etc) the higher up the Google rankings you are the more business you will win.

As a kind of experiment I’m am going to use all of the techniques described on this page to try and rank well locals for the term local SEO Cheltenham. So if you’re resign this post and you live near Cheltenham you know the method works!

If you have any comments about the blog post or any questions about how everything works feel free to send me an email at info@clickstream.org or get in touch using our contact form.

Local SEO Cheltenham – The list

1. Feature Local Keywords (Cheltenham) on Your Website

The first thing you want to take into account where you want to rank for. So in this circumstance i want people searching in Cheltenham to find this page I have included Cheltenham in the page title, in the meta description (click the link to find out more about meta descriptions).

Essentially the more references you can get to your location in your website the better (although don’t over do it and just write a long list of locations). As long as your web  text reads well and you can include your location this works well for telling Google that you are a local relevant company.

Local SEO Cheltenham 1

2. Local business listing websites

Listing your business with business listing websites because it gives you back links and customers use business listing sites to find services you need so they bring in customers. But the real benefit comes on a local basis when you are a dominant force on local business listing sites. Think about the local newspaper website, local chamber of commerce etc. Usually the process involves signing up filling in your information and having you listing approved.

Local SEO Cheltenham 2

3. Build an amazing Google + page

Having a killer Google + page for your business is important if you want to rank well for local searches. You can register and verify your business with google (which means you’ll show up on google maps). It also allows you to have a profile where people can leave public feedback about your business. This is a really strong motivator when it comes to getting people to purchase form you.

I recommend filling in your profile with at least 400 word biography, as many photos as you can find, video…. the more the merrier.

Local SEO Cheltenham 3

3.1 Get more reviews on Google +

I have decided to focus on reviews a bit more. Firstly because if you get more than 5 positive customer reviews on Google + your website will then have 5 stars by it when it comes up in Google results. In addition to that reading other people reviews (as long as they are mostly positive) is a really strong motivator for purchasers. Reviews are especially strong with trades like mechanics because people who don’t know anything about cars are concerned they will be taken for a ride as it were and a good review can help convinces then they can trust your company.

Here are a few ways to increase the number of reviews your business gets:

  1. Email your customers straight after their purchase and ask them for a review (if they are happy with you service probably 10% of customers will write a review for you)
  2. Put a banner on your website highlighting some of your best reviews
  3. Run a  social media competition (offer a free give away for one lucky reviewer)
  4. Review other businesses you work with and they may well reciprocate

4. Write relevant local blog posts (Cheltenham)

One of the biggest deciding factors in your websites Google rank is the amount of content you have on the website and the length of time and the frequency that you publish the content.  So the more often you can publish unique content the better and as I mentioned above if your content has got a location in it this is a flag to Google that its locally relevant.

Hence why I’ve got “Cheltenham” every where on this page.

5. Make sure your business listing are the same across the internet

Slight variations in your business information from across multiple different business listings can confuse search engines so go back and review every listing and make sure that the information is the same across the board. Focus on the Name, Address & Phone number and make sure they are consistent across al business listings.


6. Get more local links

Links are one of the most powerful ways to indicate to Google that your website is a good site so the more links you can get the better, heres a few ideas about how to get more local links:

Reviews & testimonials: write reviews and testimonials you have worked with and include a link to your site or request that they publish your review on their site and include a link to your home page.

Get involved with local institutions: offer to be interviewed or write opinion pieces and again include that link!

Sponsor a local event: My favourite is sponsor a local sports team. This is tax efficient as the money comes out of the business before tax and you get a link, good local advertising and you can go to the games and every one is nice to you – what more could you ask for.

pay for links form local councils: In a bid to make more revenue many councils will now let you advertise on their site. Getting link form a council website with a woman authority is a great way to boost your SEO.

Thanks for reading local SEO Cheltenham. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions get in touch.

Thanks 🙂