We are an advertising agency specialising in digital lead generation and customer recruitment. Everything from SEO & Pay Per Click campaigns to E-mail marketing, Social Media, Website Design and Conversion Funnel Optimisation.

We focus on digital lead generation because digital is what we know and digital is what we can track. Our approach is to track every pair of eyes that encounters your advertising. Using this insight we can determine what works and what doesn’t, over time this enables us to fine tune your advertising to create the best return on investment.

The value of our services relies on generating customers and reducing costs for you. We do this by using our experience and innovative approach to create advertising campaigns that generate a profitable return on investment.

Customer Commitment:

Our success is linked to your success, if your business doesn’t thrive neither does ours. As a result of this we will always endeavour to do whats best for your business. So if you are looking for an agency that can generate customers you’ve come to the right place! Use the contact form to get in touch!

The Team:

James Marston

James began his career working for the UNHCR running social media campaigns to raise money for Somali refugee’s, this was in the early days of social media when Twitter and Facebook had just launched advertising models.

Then he moved on to work for Manutan International  managing websites, pay per click campaigns, SEO and lead generation for two UK brands.

His last position (before founding Click Stream Media) was at UCAS the university charity, designing, developing and delivering marketing campaigns for a range of house hold brands and blue chip companies targeting the 18-24 market place.

James is a specialist in online business strategy, this combined with his thorough understanding of the technical workings of online advertising help him design ROI focused campaigns for our clients.

He has  BSC (hons) in Business & French from Gloucester University and certificates in Statistics & Data Analysis from the Royal Statistical Society & The Institute for Direct and Digital Marketing.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.