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lesson-Click Stream was contracted to help Lesson Recorder improve their lead generation activities and establish a consistent flow of qualified leads.

We used a combination of Content marketing, Email marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns and Social Media Activity.


This article is an overview of click stream analysis, its uses in improving website performance and the statistical analysis of user journeys on websites.

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Click Stream Analysis

Click Streams are the route that users take when navigating a website, this informations often viewed through Google Analytics or other traffic analysis tools. A click stream is a list of viewed pages as well as the information such as the time a user spent on a page, it is the track a users leaves in the digital landscape.

Click stream data is generally anonymised and aggregated which means that the data from all the users of a website is grouped together and no individual is identifiable. Analysis of this data allows website owners to find out a number of things about how people user their website i.e. their most popular pages, how long people spend reading articles or what pages most often cause people to leave their site.

This data is usually brought together and displayed in a visual representation such as graphs, pie charts and bar charts. In addition to data visualisation most web analytics packages offer heat mapping services that allows site administrators to see where a users mouse is placed on the screen. This is particularly useful for those engaged in display advertising as it allows them to place adverts where they are most likely to be clicked.

How can this be applied to my site?

Here at Click Stream.org we analyse your click stream data such as visit duration, time stamps, IP address, session details and interaction metrics to build a profile of your visitors then we use this information to create predictive models that help you convert more visitors into customers.

If you want to find out more about how we can help improve then get in contact with us here. Or email us at  info@clickstream.org

If you want to learn more about how click stream analysis and data base analysis can help in your business we’d recommend watching the video below from Google called Web Analytics: Beyond Clickstream Data